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5th July 2018
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28th July 2018

Why we call it Soft Tissue Treatment instead of massage

Here at The Bodyworks Clinic we do lots of massages, but we also do lots of other things within your session like Medical Acupuncture, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), Mobilisation, Muscle Energy and Stretching techniques and many more things. This is why we use the broad term of Clinical Soft Tissue Treatment in our clinic instead of Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage that way if your practitioner feels a different method would benefit your issue more we will advise you of this and suggest a treatment plan using these other techniques to achieve the same or better results.

We do not just use these techniques because we can, we put clinical and evidence-based reasoning behind our choice of treatment plan. All our practitioners have undertaken extensive training and professional development to ensure our knowledge is up to date and current. We know through this training and clinical hands on hours that different problems respond to different sensory input and therefore deep tissue work might not be the best course of action, or appropriate at that time, for some issues less is more.

We also do not prescribe a ‘no pain, no gain’ treatment. If we cause you pain the tissue will respond by tightening up and doing exactly the opposite to what we are trying to achieve. We want the tissue relaxed so we can work with the body and respond to the tissue environment. There will be times when certain techniques induce pain but your practitioner will ask you for feedback, and if the pain is above a 7 out of 10 then we need to know so we can adjust our pressure. Our aim is not to cause you more pain within the treatment.

However, if you just want a plain deep tissue massage or sports massage please feel free to ask for exactly that! It’s your treatment, we can only give you our best advice, ultimately, we want you happy and back to health as quickly as possible.

If you would like to know more about the various treatments we offer, please look at some of our other posts for more information.

Written by Emma Harkin-Jones