Why choose an Indian Head Massage?

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18th July 2018
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7th August 2018

Indian head massage is a treatment like no other because it incorporates the back, neck, arms, scalp and face all in one treatment. Traditionally, this type of treatment is performed with the client in a seated position comfortably leaning into a specially designed massage chair. At The Bodyworks Clinic, we give our clients the option of sitting or lying down because some clients associate lying down with relaxation.

Indian head massage has been around for a long time…. Around 1000 years! As the name suggests, it started in India by families using it for relaxation, cleansing and medicinal purposes. It is still passed down through the generations and is used for many of the reasons that it was developed for. This treatment was often used by a bride on the weeks before her wedding to ensure she had beautiful, long and thick hair. During Indian head massage, we use oils (plain or scented) to nourish the skin and hair, moisturising and feeding it with nutrients. Some studies have been carried out to help clients with alopecia and general hair loss. This particular study achieved great results with hair growing back on the treated area – https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/fullarticle/189618.

It is still standard practice for children to receive Indian head massage in India once or twice per week to help keep them healthy. So, what is so good about it?

  • Improves general circulation
  • Promotes relaxation and wellbeing
  • Loosens the tissue around the scalp and face relieving tension
  • Can improve headaches and congestion
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Encourages better joint movements
  • Provides a true upper body treatment

To gain maximal benefit from an Indian head massage, oil must be used, however if you are not going straight home after treatment, we can do ‘dry massage’ to your scalp and face.

Due to the areas that we work on, this treatment is a great stress reliever! It will release the tension sitting in your shoulders, neck, scalp, forehead and jaw. Like all of our treatments, we tailor the treatment to your needs/ goals and don’t work from a script. Indian head massage is one of my favourite treatments to provide and receive! If you haven’t experienced one yet, get booked in and feel the benefits.


Written by Kirsty Ritzema