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21st June 2018
What is…Sports Therapy
5th July 2018

What is…Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an holistic therapy, it works with the principle that the body is always striving to heal itself. An osteopathic treatment improves the function of your vascular, nervous and lymphatic systems which are essentials for a healthy body!

An Osteopath will look at your whole body, not just the area of your pain. In this way they can take into consideration your posture, gait and any external factors affecting your complaint. Doing this minimises the risk of your pain returning.

Osteopathy can be used to treat a wide range of problems, including:

– Low/ mid back and neck pain
– Headaches, migraines and sinus problems
– Joint pain including osteoarthritis
– Sports or other injuries
– Digestive issues
– Circulatory issues
– Pre/ post pregnancy aches and pains
– Paediatric care for colic, sleeping and feeding difficulties
– And many, many more!

Osteopathy, uses a range of techniques to improve the quality of your tissues and the movement of your joints, as well as helping you to feel relaxed and refreshed. Some techniques used include massage, manipulation and cranio-sacral therapy. Many of these techniques are very gentle and can be used an any age and cases of severe pain.

If you are unsure whether Osteopathy can help you, contact The Bodyworks Clinic for more information.

Written by Aimee Popay