Reiki is a natural healing energy system that works on every level of the body, mind and spirit. It promotes the body's own healing ability to bring balance to the system. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that allows you that valuable 'me' time. Reiki promotes a feeling of well-being and can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, aches and pains and headaches to name a few. It is a non intrusive treatment done over clothes and can be done in any position should you need a position of comfort.

Full Body Treatment

This is a 60min Reiki Treatment which allows the whole body to be treated. We allow you to have 90mins with your therapist so that you can enjoy the relaxation at the end of your treatment and come back to us in your own time without being rushed. True bliss if you are looking for a way to slow down your day and drift your way out of clinic!

Seated Treatment

This is a 20 min Reiki Treatment which can be carried out in a seated position or lying down if you prefer. A 45min slot is allocated so that you can come back to us in your own time. This is a perfect choice for those who do not have 90mins to play with in their day or for those wishing to try out Reiki and see what it is all about. We believe you will love it! 

Distant Treatment

This is a 20min Reiki Treatment which can be done anywhere you are, at any time you wish e.g. at home, on holiday or on a work location away from your therapist. You must have had two full body treatments from your therapist to qualify for a distant reiki treatment. This a great choice for those who cannot get in for a treatment in clinic hours or is simply in need of a treatment to help through troubled times. Call to discuss with Kirsty for more information 0191 9082376 

This is an excellent addition to any of our other wellbeing treatments so why not do a double appointment for a luxurious treat for £65 and have two treatments combined.

Reiki treatments start from £25


Our Wellbeing Treatments are from £25

for a 45 minute appointment