Holistic Facial

A holistic facial is different from a beauty facial as we consider not only the physical aspects of the treatment (skin and facial muscles), but also the mind and spirit giving you a holistic experience. A beauty facial is usually about the skincare products and showing them off, whereas our holistic facial is all about enhancing your body’s workings to rejuvenate the whole area.

We use a range of massage techniques, acupressure, marma and chakra points to improve your skin tone, aid lymphatic drainage, enhance your circulatory system, and allow you to experience a truly deep relaxation treatment.

What is involved?

- We start with a cleanse

- We analyze your skin

- Next your skin gets a deep cleanse

- Now for the exfoliation and massage

- Relax with the mask picked for your skin type

- More massage follows for the face, scalp and décolletage

- To finish up, we tone and moisturize the whole area to leave a healthy glow.

The treatment lasts for one hour in total and can be repeated as necessary up to every fortnight.

This is an excellent addition to any of our other wellbeing treatments so why not do a double appointment for a luxurious treat for £65 and have two treatments combined.

60mins for £45


Our Wellbeing Treatments are from £25

for a 45 minute appointment