Ayurvedic Foot Treatment

An Ayurvedic foot ritual is a deeply ritualistic treatment which detoxifies the body through the organs of elimination and draws toxins through the skin ready to be removed. It includes a beautiful foot soak and exfoliation, massage to the legs and feet, kansa bowl detoxification treatment along with ubtan application and cleanse to finish.

Ayurveda has a long history of good health and it has a deep respect for bathing and massaging the feet, believing that you can rebalance the body through this ritual. Leave your treatment feeling relaxed, peaceful, and revitalized along with having soft and supple feet. A true pamper session!

The treatment lasts for one hour in total and can be repeated as necessary up to every fortnight.
This is an excellent addition to any of our other wellbeing treatments so why not do a double appointment for a luxurious treat for £65 and have two treatments combined.

60mins for £43

Our Wellbeing Treatments are from £25

for a 45 minute appointment