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12th June 2020
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12th June 2020

ScarWork Practitioner Course


ScarWork Practitioners Course

ScarWork is coming to the North East of England. We have the pleasure of inviting Emma Holly, ScarWork Therapy Trainer, to the North East to deliver the very exciting 4 day ScarWork Practitioner Course.

13th – 16th October 2021

2022 date is now live!! Book up via Emma Holly for 11th – 14th May 2022 in the North East

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Course Details

ScarWork is coming to the North East of England. We have the pleasure of inviting Emma Holly, ScarWork Therapy Trainer, to the North East to deliver the very exciting 4 day ScarWork Practitioner Course.
The course will be delivered over 4 consecutive days, from Wednesday 13th Oct to Saturday 16th Oct 2021. Join us and learn Sharon Wheeler’s original ScarWork. Unlike some scar massage, these 20 ScarWork techniques are comfortable to the patient and gentle on the therapist’s hands. Discover the gentle approach to scar management techniques.

Learn the application of ScarWork to help improve scars after surgery or accidents. With extensive skill development sessions, attendees will complete the training having really gained confidence and understanding in the application of these simple but effective techniques. At the end of this training you will be certified as a ScarWork Therapist and listed on the UK register.
This course is delivered intensively over four consecutive days. The first two days, we will cover the majority of the theory and the 20 techniques. We refine the techniques in extensive clinical sessions on members of the public. We will have group discussions to consider different approaches, considerations for treatment and treatment plans. Intensive learning is often easier for those who struggle to get away from work and who are looking to quickly acquire new skills to enhance their therapeutic practice. Some learners will find that concentrating on covering the full ScarWork course without additional distractions will enable them to focus on learning the new pressure, original techniques and the ScarWork approach to treatment. For those needing to travel further to attend training, this may be the more cost effective option.

Course Overview

  • Summary of learning:
    – Scar healing timelines
    – Different presentations of scars including keloid, hypertrophic and contracture scars and considerations for therapy
    – Physical restrictions caused by scars: Understanding of surgical scar tissue and the lasting impact on movement and mobility
    – Common complications after surgery and the impact on healing
    – Sharon Wheeler and the development of ScarWork
    – Contraindications to ScarWork
    – Palpitation and scar assessment skills
    – 20 ScarWork techniques, designed to promote healthy scar tissue and their application on a range of scars
    – Emotional impact scars and the benefits of therapeutic touch
    – Supporting your clients recovery and signposting
    – Scars and fascia
    – Wider considerations for treatment
    – How often and for how long? Developing ideas for treatment planning and scheduling within your therapy clinic
    – Client consultations and record keeping

The days are divided into theory and practical sessions. Clients begin the practical work with paired practice and advance to external client sessions, where a variety of members of the public attend. Attendees will have numerous opportunities to develop their skills in the correct pressure and delivery of the ScarWork techniques on a variety of scars from new to old scars and larger surgeries to keyhole procedures*.

Entry Requirements

Maximum 14 attendees. At the end of the course attendees may choose to attend an advanced ScarWork course.

All attendees must be professionally qualified in a full body therapy such as massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy etc. Attendees must hold up-to-date professional insurance (suitable for their background), at least one year’s experience in therapy to participate on this course. No previous knowledge of ScarWork, scar treatment or working with scars is required.
*where permitting, subject to volunteers available for the sessions

Course Leader

Taught by Emma Holly

Emma Holly trained in massage therapy in 1993 and has a wide range of experience with a variety of client types. Emma launched her therapy training school in 2017. Having taught ITEC therapy courses in the past, she uses a variety of materials for her presentation of information, so she can meet different learners needs. Emma understands the importance of clear instruction and how to break down the techniques into easy to follow steps in her practical demonstrations. She is becoming well known for good quality training, with very positive feedback from attendees. Emma was a speaker at the Sports Massage Association (SMA) Conference 2017 and 2019, a speaker at The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Training Congress 2019 and Integrated Allied Health Practitioners Network conference (IAHPN) in 2019.

In her first year after completing ScarWork™ training, Emma treated over 100 different scars and established a strong reputation in this field, producing some incredible results with her clients. Emma is delighted to be the only therapist who Sharon Wheeler has personally nominated to teach her original ScarWork™ techniques. Emma had the first national press coverage for ScarWork™ and has continued to gain publicity for her work, shown in the images below.  Alongside her teaching, Emma runs a multi-practitioner specialist scar therapy clinic in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and in Harley Street, in collaboration with Skin Camouflage Services Ltd. She has been awarded  Complementary Therapist of the Year by FHT (highly commended) for her work with scars and recovery.


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