Pregnancy Massage

Medical Acupuncture
12th June 2020
Ayurvedic Foot Treatment
12th June 2020

Pregnancy Massage

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£50.00 60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage

For any stage of pregnancy including the first trimester. Pregnancy treatments have lots of benefits: It reduces tension, eases posture issues, helps baby to grow and calms mum’s stress levels. We have specialist training to relax you, keep you and baby safe and ease your discomfort with a range of rejuvenating techniques.

You can have the option to use our pregnancy pillow system which allows you to be treated lying face down with no risk of squishing baby. All our mum-to-be clients try to take it home with them!

1 review for Pregnancy Massage

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    Rachael Fisher (verified owner)

    Fantastic treatment! Kirsty makes the experience very personal and it’s great knowing you’re in good hands with a trained professional. I have suffered with SPD in pregnancy and have found the massages very helpful.

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