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12th June 2020

Pilates Online Monthly Pass

£15.00 / month

Join a live class from your living room

 3 Sessions per Week
Our Pilates classes are based around the mat work repertoire Joseph Pilates used himself. The exercises are designed to re-balance the body and allow everything to work in harmony as your body moves.

Tuesday and Thursday 7pm

Saturday – 6.30am


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In class, we work on strength, flexibility and balance using the core structures to keep us stable. The class has an element of relaxation to it so that you can truly do something for yourself and feel a whole lot better than when you walked in. We have a range of levels within the class so that you can choose the level right for you right now. Due to the classes being live on zoom, they can be modified to suit all students.


Pilates is a training system which was founded by German-born Joseph Pilates. The original repertoire consists of 34 exercises which can be done at home (Matwork Pilates) and a lot of Pilates classes incorporate these and modifications of these to make this amazing exercise form accessible to everyone.

We work with six main principles:
Concentration – Performing your exercises correctly and paying attention to all areas of your body all of the time.
Control – Being in control of every movement including the little ones.
Centring – Focusing on your central band (your core structures) and moving through this focus point.
Flowing movement – Smooth movement without jerking or stiffness.
Precision – Move precisely and correctly in every movement.
Breathing – costal breathing (or lateral breathing) helps us to control our body in Pilates. We breathe in to prepare, breathe out, engage core and move, breathe in to recover.

Due to the exercises we do in class, Pilates Matwork brings amazing benefits to those suffering with:


Generalised aches coming from stiff joints

Anxiety and depression (happy hormones are released during exercise)

Postnatal recovery

Multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue (low impact and done at your own pace)

and of course those just wanting to really feel the changes made to their own body on a deeper level. We change our bodies for long term function in Pilates, so if you want to come and join us, subscribe!


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