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12th June 2020
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12th June 2020

Medical Acupuncture

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£52.00 60 minutes

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is a therapy technique which involves fine needles being inserted into the body to encourage healing and pain relief. It directly targets the pathological area rather than working on the meridians like Chinese acupuncture. Benefits include reduced swelling and an improved healing environment for an injury. It is a surprisingly relaxing treatment and a great alternative to sports massage although we use our dry needling alongside soft tissue massage to unlock the best results. Ask one of our practitioners for guidance on your treatment plan.

2 reviews for Medical Acupuncture

  1. Alison Ogle

    Without the intervention, help and support Kirsty and the team provide, there is no way I could work. It’s that stark and simple for me. I also value my independence and quality of life too.

    Acupuncture is a fantastic treatment for me as I suffer from Fibromyalgia. It allows the needles to work deep into the tissues promoting, supporting and encouraging a healthy blood supply to areas of my body that need deep, concentrated attention. The needles are able to penetrate and mobilise stubborn tissue and breaks down their resistance. The needles can alter really problematic tissue from solid to pliable. It really is a game changer, trust me!

    10 minutes is sometimes all it takes for the needles to do their work. Once they are removed, whoever is treating me can literally work through what was solid tissue like a hot knife through butter.

    This makes the whole treatment, process and outcome so much more favourable for the clinician and the patient.

    Acupuncture affords me the best of both worlds. A wonderful and more thorough treatment which in turn supports me to be at my best, especially when I have a flare up!

    What I love about the treatment the most is that it enables the clinician to achieve so much more than massage alone.

    I do have a phobia of needles which many people can relate too. What I would say is never allow it to discourage or influence you from not trying Acupuncture.

    Kirsty has treated me for almost 7 years now. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her or her wonderful team. I’m truly blessed to be so well looked after.

    The clinic doesn’t just provide the treatment, they take care of you as a whole. Something I believe really sets them apart. I know I’m so much better for it too.

    I simply cannot thank them enough for everything they do for me. It puts me in control of my ailments and disabilities/health conditions. This allows me to live the best life I can and be the best version of me I can be too. Quite simply put, they are awesome!

    I would certainly recommend Acupuncture without hesitation especially as I have experienced the benefits of the treatment itself.

  2. Helen Swinburne (verified owner)

    Having suffered from back pain for years I decided to give acupuncture combined with massage a go and I can honestly say it was the best thing i have done for my back. I got instant relief with the needles and the massage afterwards was so relaxing. My muscles were very tight and Kirsty got them back to normal.

    Having the treatment at home is also highly recommended, i feel so relaxed and Kirsty is so personable and knowledgeable.

    I would definitely recommend this treatment. I cant wait for my next one! Thanks Kirsty

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