Theraflex hot/cold pack

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28th September 2020
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26th February 2021

Theraflex hot/cold pack


This Theraflex hot & cold pack is a great tool for self treatment at home to either soothe aching muscles/joints or to control swelling.

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This hot/cold pack is specifically designed to be your injury companion. Use it as a hot pack to soothe aching muscles and joints. Use it as a cold pack to manage swelling and pain in soft tissue injuries.
The Theraflex hot/cold pack will be down to icy temperatures within 2 hours and can be heated from room temperature in 90 seconds via a microwave.

The gel interior makes it very easy to mould around the treatment area for up to 30 mins of treatment time. Use it over and over again – an absolute must for any first aid kit!

Size: 99-150

Dimensions 15 × 9.9 cm


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