Pregnancy Relaxation

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

with Amanda Joy

Bring your favourite pillow and a blanket!
By coming along to a Pregnancy Relaxation session, you’ll benefit in so many ways. Relaxation techniques will help you to reduce pregnancy related anxiety, the effects of tiredness, and aches and pains. You’ll bond better with your baby, which will help ward off pre and post-natal depression. Most importantly, you’ll have a better birth and the more relaxed you are the more this will benefit your baby.

You can attend this session at any time during your pregnancy. It will focus on general well-being, sleeping well and stress management during your pregnancy, and the relaxation and breathing techniques you’ll learn will be useful for birth too. The class will help you approach pregnancy and birth more confidently and to remain calm and in control of your pregnancy and birthing experience.

During Pregnancy Relaxation classes, you will benefit from 30 minutes of Natal Hypnotherapy, focusing on teaching you breathing and deep relaxation. You’ll also enjoy a beautiful guided relaxation visualisation; this will be made available to you to listen to after the class at home, whenever or wherever you like.
In addition, the Pregnancy Relaxation classes are a great place to meet other pregnant women and there is time at the beginning and end of each session to discuss any concerns or issues or to simply chat with other mummies.

Our classes are:

Friday 29th November 6pm - 7pm

Friday 20th December 6pm - 7pm

Let us know if you would like more regular classes!

Modifications can be made for a range of medical conditions as the class - please get in touch if you would like to ask any questions before enrolling.