Our Story, Our Mission

Our Story

Our clinic was founded by our clinic director, Kirsty Ritzema in May 2016. She decided that treatment was not client focussed a lot of the time in a clinic setting and was either what the therapist wanted or therapists looking at data/research rather than truly listening to the person in front of them. After spending 13 years in the health and fitness industry already, Kirsty decided enough was enough and opened The Bodyworks Clinic to start changing the way therapy was offered to the public. 

Once covid hit and a global pandemic lasted for two years, unfortunately our clinic had to close it's doors and pivot to moving on the road. We now provide clinic quality care in our clients homes and bring the same great services you love, to your home. Bodyworks Mobile was created. 

At Bodyworks Mobile, we work together with our clients to get the results they need in order to achieve their goals. We charge for our time and expertise rather than adding extra charges for additional services that we are recommending for you (we don't want to penalise you for our choice of treatment plan!) 

Raising The Bar