Online Appointments

We are offering our appointments online via video call


Why have an online appointment?

Sometimes life prevents you from attending the clinic:

  • You are too busy to travel to clinic and have the appointment
  • You are not able to drive/get around
  • If you are ill with a contagious condition
  • If you are away for a long time for work/leisure

By logging in to a secure video call with your practitioner, you can still have a check up and they can offer self help from afar to keep you on track with your current treatment plan. This prevents you from undoing all of the hard work you and your practitioner have done in clinic and continues your well earned progress.


What to expect in your video call

In your video call, we can’t provide manual therapy for obvious reasons, but we can offer other aspects of your treatment that are hands-off.

  • We can provide a visual assessment of your movement and posture.
  • We can offer guidance on daily activity and general movement.<
  • We can teach you self-massage techniques if applicable.
  • We can teach you and provide you with an exercise program to supplement your care and keep you out of trouble.

Once we have finished the call, your practitioner will upload your home exercise program to our rehabilitation app called Physiapp (free for you to download) which makes it easy to follow each day. It reminds you too!

How is it done?

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