25th September 2023

Why comprehensive medical history taking is important

If you remember when you had your first appointment with me, there was a consultation form with a few pages included. It may seem a bit […]
28th June 2023

Exercising in the heat

When you have a routine with your exercise, you don’t want to mess it up because of the weather and due to living in Britain, we […]
1st March 2023

Diaphragm – the centre of breathing

I talk a lot about breathing efficiently and how that can help with other factors of health, but what exactly is diaphragmatic breathing and what benefit […]
1st August 2021

Fascia – our extraordinary system

Fascia is a continuous network of connective tissue in the body, composed primarily of cells, collagen and elastin. Fascia is everywhere in the body; it surrounds […]
1st August 2021

What is Long Covid?

The science behind Long Covid: Your immune system and your nervous system work closely together.  It’s thought that some people who have had Covid19, following the […]
31st May 2021

The Power of Combined Treatment

Why combine treatment Here at The Bodyworks Clinic, we provide a range of treatment between our In-house sports therapists and osteopath. The aim of our treatments […]
30th September 2020

MOT Yourself

Why we need body MOT’s It’s routine maintenance!  Just like checking your car’s oil and screenwash levels, we need to make sure our body is running […]
30th September 2020

Should I include Acupuncture in my treatment

Acupuncture Origins At the Bodyworks Clinic, we use a range of treatment methods to get you results. Medical Acupuncture, also known as dry needling, is just […]
2nd August 2020

Dry Cupping Therapy – Brutal or Beneficial?

Dry Cupping is a therapy technique that we use in clinic alongside other hands on therapies. In its simplest description, cupping draws blood from the intramuscular […]