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30th September 2020
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Why we need body MOT’s

It’s routine maintenance!  Just like checking your car’s oil and screenwash levels, we need to make sure our body is running smoothly.  A body MOT can help identify any trouble spots and treat them before they become a problem that interrupts training or work routines.  A regular body MOT keeps soft tissues mobile and tension-free, as well as improving muscle elasticity, which helps prevent painful short-term injuries.   Repeated injuries take their toll on the body over time, and damaged tissue doesn’t always heal appropriately.  Taking some time on a regular basis for a little routine maintenance will definitely be worth the long-term benefits.

So, how often should I get an MOT?

Well, that doesn’t come with a straightforward answer. There are numerous factors which make up your MOT schedule. These include job type, family commitments, lifestyle patterns, exercise levels, medical history and injury history. Our clients have MOT schedules ranging from four weeks to six months depending on what their body needs.

Like all treatment, scheduling works with you and what you need at the time. Your MOT should be the same so if you require more assistance, we tighten the schedule. Similarly, when you have a good grasp on your life and your body, we take a step back and check in with you a couple of times per year.

Car, Teeth, Eyesight… Body!

Think of your MOT as a dentist check-up. You don’t book your annual dentist check-up for them to find a hole in your tooth! What you want is assurance that things are healthy and if something requires treatment, it can be done efficiently without too much disruption and pain. Our MOT’s are exactly the same.

Come and join us on a journey where you value your body more than your car. If you break, everything else stops! See you at your check up soon.