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Meet the Instructors here at The Bodyworks Clinic

With all of the new classes going on we thought it might be nice for you all to ‘meet’ them, in a virtual sense at least!

So, first up is our very own Sports Therapist, Kirsty. Kirsty has been a practitioner for around 10 years now, mammy to twin boys and says her guilty pleasure is watching ‘Dr Pimple Popper’!!

Hi Everyone, I’m Kirsty. I teach Pilates Matwork at The Bodyworks Clinic as well as doing Sports Therapy. I first started teaching exercise in 2004 when I was a gym instructor. Over the years I have taught exercise to music, designed and taught exercise programmes for clients in the gym and at home, do injury rehabilitation and finally Pilates in 2014. I am a keen exerciser and from being a kid, have always been active in some shape or form participating in a number of activities (netball, basketball, tennis, swimming, weight training, cycling and gorge walking to name a few!).

Being a Health Practitioner, I understand how the body functions and how some conditions affect those functions, so my classes are taught with body function in mind rather than fitness. The goal is to be able to move efficiently and in a balanced way; the by-products of that are improved flexibility, strength and body control. My motto is if your foundation is strong, then the building on top is stable and strong too. We have fun in class, but work hard doing exercises in a controlled manner with absolute precision. I use hands on correction to help you get in to the positions needed for your level and keep you safe so you can achieve your goals without working out of your limits.”

Next we introduce Sue Lancaster, Meditation Teacher, DipBSoM (British School of Meditation)

‘A seasoned meditator for many years, I was asked to teach a meditation class by a local health practice I worked in at the time.  That led me to qualifying as an accredited teacher through the British School of Meditation. And I’ve never looked back.  My own teaching is a culmination of my own breath-based meditation practice deepened and enhanced by my ongoing learning and self-development.

Meditation is a way to deepen our connection to ourselves, to know us, warts and all.  My practice and my teaching focuses on us as whole human beings, not just a desire to be light and fluffy and embrace all things positive, because life isn’t all sunshine and unicorns, is it?  And when we’re feeling sad or fed up, disillusioned or angry, there is a message in there for us beyond the immediacy of our emotional response.  And that’s why I love and embrace meditation as a foundation, a cornerstone of my life.  And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t benefit by understanding themselves a little more so we can show our selves more love and grace in all that we do.’ 

Our new Pilates and Yoga teacher is Kim Wells. Kim was Kirsty’s tutor for Pilates which makes her a great choice to assist Kirsty with the Pilates programme.

‘I have been teaching group fitness classes since 1989, my passion for Pilates began in 1999 when I trained with Michael King of the Pilates Institute and I became interested in the mind body benefits of yoga soon after, completing various training, culminating in my L4 Yoga Diploma.  I am also a qualified tutor and assessor on various fitness qualifications.

With a background in exercise for the management of low back pain (L4 qualification) my goal in each class is to teach a safe and effective session for whatever stage of your Pilates or Yoga journey you are at and I love to see the rapid improvements in a client’s movement quality and mind set as they progress. 

Pilates 10-11 Wednesday

Learn the fundamentals of Pilates practise, alignment, (to help correct posture and muscle imbalances), breath (which can give physical and psychological benefits), and core activation (to help prevent injury and back pain).  You will learn a range of foundational Pilates mat-work exercises which will improve your movement quality and release tension in the body. Who will benefit from attending this class? Everyone from athletes – to help with the mind body connection and balance the body – to seniors, who want to improve mobility and function better in everyday activities.

Yoga 11-12 Wednesday

In this class we are looking to achieve steadiness and comfort in the body and the mind, this is an accessible form of hatha yoga for a wide variety of participants.

The physical asanas (poses) require concentration which encourages the mind to “slow down” – this class will present them with an emphasis on up to date research of the how the body works (you don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, this is the number one thing that tends to put people off trying yoga!). The breath practise taps into the parasympathetic nervous system which helps reduce stress and enhances emotional health and the relaxation component of the class should leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.’

Lastly, Alison Tuck is bringing you the in-depth 6 weeks foundation yoga course. Here’s how she fell in love with Yoga:

’ I first started my yoga practice whilst I was in India. It was during my second winter in India I discovered yoga, I used to see yogi’s on the beach doing yoga and they always had this amazing energy, I was naturally drawn to this and gravitated towards yoga. My first yoga class was pretty intimidating as I was in India and everybody seemed to do yoga. I rocked up to my first class very nervous and hid at the back. I fell in love with the practice not because of the movements although they felt great for my body but the real change was how I felt afterwards in my mood, my energy and my mind. I noticed a change in my body, my core strength improved, positions I found difficult in the beginning became increasingly easier and therapeutic for my body and mind. From not being able to touch my knees to being able to touch my toes and within 8 classes I was doing arm balances. I would come out of yoga springing onto the balls of my feet with each step swinging my arms with my yoga mat slung over my shoulder feeling like, well like I had mastered life. I was just loving being alive, I felt HAPPY I’m not talking drunk happy or laughing happy, I’m talking happy to my core, really deep inside of me and I’d never experienced that before the age of 28. Now this is what I found fascinating, I felt different, I no longer experienced energy dips. I was focused, I was more productive with my time then I had ever been before, I was on a constant plane of happiness of equilibrium, I WAS literally HIGH ON YOGA… This is my yoga journey and I’m here today with 400 hours specialised teacher training to share all I have learnt, experienced and discovered with you’

We hope you love the new instructors as much as we do. To book any of the class click on the Book Now page, for more information on each class please select them individually from the classes menu. We hope to see you soon!