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Be Part of Our Movement 

The Bodyworks Clinic is a unique organisation with a clear culture and vision. You will be inspired and challenged, but you will be expected to bring your best. If you do, you will achieve more than you thought possible. Being part of The Bodyworks Clinic, you will be impacting people’s lives and doing it in a way that you love. We are proud of The Bodyworks Clinic and are happy to be sharing it with you.


We help people achieve freedom to live a pain free, stress free full life. The Bodyworks Clinic has an expectation of raising the bar of treatment and improving outcomes for everyone.


People First. Our clients are holistic individuals, and we treat them accordingly. We partner with them in improving their life. We measure success in client outcomes.  Whose life have you improved this week? Building Together We value our people and care for one and other. We are a committed, focussed team, getting stuff done, proactively serving each other. Who have you served this week? Better every day We seek excellence and continue to learn, grow and improve what we do.

This is not a job. It’s a calling. A trusted community. We understand our clients - their lives, their struggles, their goals - and we take that trust seriously. We are leaders - leaders in the industry and individual leaders in our work. We are authentic, real and honest. We don’t require vast numbers of policies and procedures because we have built a culture of trust, openness, service, diligence, excellence, hard work and fun. We do, however, protect our very distinct and carefully crafted culture. This culture comes with exceptional freedoms and certain expectations.


We are more than just a local health provider. We see ourselves as industry leaders and we want to raise the bar for everyone. We help people to take ownership of their own body and support them to make healthy decisions. We imagine a nation in which everyone lives a pain free healthy life. We see a big part of our work as educating the public and evangelising the principle of self-care and prevention first. We are creating a movement. Be part of that that movement.


It is vitally important that our mission, vision and values resonate with you. Be part of a movement to empower our community to take control of their own health with our help and guidance. Skills enable you to do your job, but vision allows you to truly connect with it.

I'm afraid we have no active vacancies at the moment. If you would like to work with us, please register your interest via email along with a CV for us to hold on file.

How to Apply 

If you want to join our movement and be part of a forward-thinking team, please give contact us so we can chat. Call our clinic on 0191 9082376 or email us

We look forward to hearing from you