Hypnobirthing Intensive Day

Saturday 21st December - Intensive Hypnobirthing Day

Course details:

For you and your birth partner to enjoy together

10am - 4pm

The course is all about helping you and your partner to maintain a feeling of calm and control throughout your birthing experience, how to enjoy your birth whatever situation you find yourself in and whatever route your baby chooses to come into his world.

I aim to teach you both some powerful skills to help you to relax, feel confident and in control. I will give you a set of useful tools to support you through pregnancy and birth. This is your birthing experience, it’s your show. I will simply be giving you the tools that will help you both to enjoy your experience. You’ll be able to choose your favourite techniques and personalise them as you like.

During this course we will be using lots of visualisation. Visualisation is the process of imagining or even pretending, this may be through images, it may be through sounds or feelings, it doesn’t matter as there is nothing specific to ‘see’. There is no right or wrong way to visualise.

This course also teaches you about the optimal positions to birth your baby, how to use a birthing ball and get the best out of either birthing at home or in hospital.

Birth partners are very involved too. This means your chosen birth partner will have all the tools and skills they need to support you including massage, hypnotherapy, discomfort management and relaxation techniques too.
The course also includes information on inductions and assisted births of all kinds so that whatever way your baby chooses to come into the world you’ll know how to birth with Joy and ease.


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Course Cost: £200 per couple 

Lunch included