The Power of Combined Treatment

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30th September 2020
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1st August 2021

Why combine treatment

Here at The Bodyworks Clinic, we provide a range of treatment between our In-house sports therapists and osteopath. The aim of our treatments is to give short term benefits in either physical or mental wellbeing which will build up to long term benefits alongside prescribed exercise programs to enable you to live your best life pain free! Our services range from simple massage therapy up to more complex work like osteopathy and ScarWork. Manual therapists use a combination of skills to enhance your treatment and your recovery potential.

One treatment technique is good to have however certain methods limit what we can do to help you. Because of this, therapists often use several treatment techniques to ensure all aspects of the injury are treated efficiently and helps to start the rehabilitation progress.

How does it work?

Example: Someone with upper back/neck pain comes into clinic. We may tackle this with several different types of treatment across your treatment plan. The first could be massage; massage provides many benefits such as relaxation of the muscles, increases blood flow (fluid dynamics) to the area whilst reducing pain. It also has a benefit in mental wellbeing making you feel better in yourself. In addition to this treatment, we may also use some stretching techniques for example one called PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). This stretching technique allows you to increase the range of motion you have in a particular limb or joint. This alongside massage helps reduce muscle tension and increases flexibility which for some people may mean the difference between picking their child up comfortably or not or completing tasks that were previously unattainable.

Most treatment is seen as a short-term benefit and it is! We use most manual therapy to kickstart the body in to healing mode. To secure long lasting results, a rehabilitation programme made to suit your needs is prescribed. This programme usually has different exercises and stretches to be completed at home, the gym or at work to rebalance the body and regain what has been lost through injury. It also provides a sense of reassurance and confidence in your injured body part so that you can trust it to do what you need it to do without breaking again (a very important part of your recovery!)

We are a team

All treatments above are excellent on their own but by combining them it allows us to provide the best service we can provide for our clients. By using several treatments, we are doing more than just taking pain away, we are also teaching you how to look after your body and respect it.

The treatments listed above are just a few different types of treatment we provide so if there is a technique/treatment that you have heard of and want to experience, just ask if our team use it. If they do, we can discuss together if it’s appropriate to be included in your treatment plan and go from there.