Clinical Soft Tissue Treatment

Our clinical soft tissue treatment can aid recovery after play/injury or just for an MOT. It can relieve fatigue, muscle tension and inflammation whilst decreasing recovery time and increasing flexibility. It can be a combination of Sports Massage techniques including deep tissue work, stretching, mobilisation, swedish massage and trigger point release or IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) to reduce soreness and enhance power. We can also combine Medical Acupuncture and Kinesio taping to improve results. 

Clinical Soft Tissue Consultation and Treatment

This will assess your soft tissue structures in order to figure what is causing the issue. Certain movements and actions put stress on different structures. From this, practitioners can formulate a treatment plan best suited to you. After the initial consult some soft tissue treatment will be given.

Our Clinical Soft Tissue appointments are from £37

for a 45 minute appointment