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About Bodyworks Mobile

Bodyworks Mobile is an Injury Management Clinic serving the North East of England.

Kirsty has years of experience calling on a wide knowledge and skills base including Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage/Treatment and ScarWork just to name a few! We provide clinic quality care in your own home. 

We treat acute injuries like muscle tears and spinal joint issues with techniques designed to be gentle, soothing and pain relieving. We treat chronic (long term) and reoccurring problems like tension headaches, tendon issues and general lower back pain with techniques designed to move the tissue along with re-educating your body to move better with personalised exercise programs.

Each treatment is tailored to your needs every single time we see you. You and your practitioner choose which treatment route is best suited to ensure we get you back on the right track. Need some more information? Have some questions? Give us a call on 0191 9082376 to have a chat with us.

Ready to become a better version of you? Book today via our book now button. See you soon!

Meet Bodyworks Mobile Team


Kirsty Ritzema

Sports Therapist

0191 908 2376

I'm Kirsty, an experienced and very friendly Sports Therapist. With lots of experience treating and training clients back to pre injury health, I work hard everyday to keep you healthy through education and advice.

I have extensive training in manual therapy and exercise prescription, but my passion is to work with people out of balance functionally because I get to solve puzzles/challenges within the body. I love to continue learning and will always try and be a better version of myself to get the best results for my clients no matter what their goal.
I have twin boys and enjoy teaching Pilates and going to the gym as well as binging a bit of Netflix!