• Chris K
    The Bodyworks Clinic took a thorough assessment over the ‘phone and arranged an appointment quickly for me as I was in considerable pain with my back. I was able to get an appointment on a Saturday so that it didn’t impact on my business hours. The consultants were professional and friendly and after 3 sessions I am back training at the gym. I would recommend their services highly.
    Chris K
  • Jeanette S
    Thank you, Kirsty, for your time and expertise. My health has improved both physically and mentally since working with you for a shoulder injury and chronic migraines. I would recommend Kirsty and her team to everyone as they are very friendly and made me feel at ease every time I visited. Kirsty was very knowledgeable in many techniques that enable her to work holistically. My background is in Health Psychology and I recognise that The Bodyworks Clinic have built up a team which offers a holistic approach. This is a unique way of working with clients and The Bodyworks Clinic stands out to me.
    Jeanette S
  • Jackie M
    I was unable to move my right leg in certain directions and the pain was so bad I was unable to walk. Ryan advised a course of acupuncture and some deep tissue massage along with keeping off my feet and the use of plenty of ice packs. My problem cleared up after only two sessions and I am now fully fit and recovered. I can’t thank the team enough for their attention to detail, professionalism, and being able to fit me in at short notice.
    Jackie M
  • Gay TW
    I mentioned to Kirsty that my back was cramping constantly and that it was causing me a lot of pain. She asked me if it was my right side as I was standing unevenly and that my right side was sitting lower than my left. I was astounded that she could pick that up just by looking at me! She made an appointment to see me the following morning and got to work on my back, and she worked magic; because when I left there my back most definitely felt a lot easier and was not giving me as much trouble. I made my next appointment for a few days later and I had acupuncture. The team are extremely professional, and knowledgeable about human anatomy.
    Gay TW
  • Kris C
    After a discussion with Emma and Kirsty about pain in my lower back and across my shoulders, I agreed to go for a massage and I woke the next morning after a solid 14-hour sleep with no pain and more movement than I had had in years. After each session I leave feeling younger and slightly taller and I shall continue to have treatments done as they have given me a new lease of life. I can’t praise the clinic staff enough to family and friends for their amazing work. Many many thanks.
    Kris C
  • Gav G
    As a keen runner and with consistent problems with my heel/Achilles, I decided enough was enough and went to see Kirsty at The Bodyworks Clinic. With the help of several kinesiology taping sessions, a foam roller and a regular Pilates class, my injury is getting better, and I haven’t had to stop running. Kirsty’s excellent knowledge and physio videos of pre- and post-run routines have helped me tenfold. She’s always available for further guidance via text or email and provides excellent advice on my own queries. Thank you for everything
    Gav G
  • Juli P
    We contacted Kirsty at The Bodyworks Clinic for some advice after my husband had suffered from a debilitating migraine for over 3 days and painkillers were not helping. She rearranged her schedule so that she could see us right away. She recommended a massage and acupuncture treatment and he was soon back to his normal self. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty and The Bodyworks Clinic. They are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and professional in all that they do.
    Juli P
  • Deborah Moore
    Long term client, all niggles and injuries dealt with professionally and honestly, would highly recommend - I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!
    Deborah Moore
  • Shane Knox
    Friendly staff and very accommodating to schedule changes.
    Shane Knox
  • Sonya Anderson
    I have two experiences of The Clinic and Training Academy. The Clinic is well run, thorough in it's client assessment. My treatment was explained to me, was worthwhile and mobilised soft tissue. Thank you Kirsty. The Training Academy was a good learning environment and is well equipped
    Sonya Anderson
  • Andrea Cellini
    I have now had treatment from Aimee, Kirsty and Emma and I have never been disappointed; thorough and professional service every time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
    Andrea Cellini
  • Frank Maguire
    Second visit now to the Bodyworks Clinic. Fantastic as always. Will continue to use and recommend. Was well in need of a massage and wasn't disappointed. Friendly clean service as always.
    Frank Maguire
  • Ruth Flecknell
    Ryan has helped me improve my neck and shoulder pain with patient and friendly advice about exercises I can do to help. He has helped to improve mobility in both problem areas with weekly osteopath massage and careful pain free movement in the affected joints and nerves. I now feel that the regular sessions have given me confidence to continue to exercise and am feeling fitter and therefore better. I continue to see Ryan fortnightly until I can be sure that the problem is as better as it will ever get. I am not expecting a cure, there is wear and tear because of my age, however pain can be modified and overcome with the right kind of input and encouragement and because of Ryan's considerable expertise in his chosen profession I feel I am able to envisage continued improvement. I highly recommend him, thoroughly professional and helpful.
    Ruth Flecknell
  • Eve Rodden
    Over the past few weeks I have been having reiki with Emma. These have been tailored to fit my needs and have become acupuncture/reiki sessions. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. I have had a flare up recently and have had difficulty with sleeping and severe tension pain in my head, neck and shoulders alongside the typical full body fatigue and pain associated with the condition. Emma has thoughtfully designed sessions which help me to relax and ease my pain. Each week I have experienced something different during the reiki and the attached photo shows my sleep pattern after one of my sessions. 9 hours COMPLETELY uninterrupted. I actually felt like I had slept! Wow! First time I had woken feeling refreshed and more like myself in months! I'm now making steady progress and will definitely be continuing with the treatments!
    Eve Rodden
  • Ros Hall
    This is the second time I have used this service (two different problems) and the assessments and treatment plans are excellent. Staff provide clear and understandable explanations of your injury and why and what is required to recover. Exercise plans are e-mailed with video to remind you of how the exercises should be done and also you can print out the exercises. The staff are very professional, friendly and accommodating. The online booking makes things very simple and accessible too. I wouldn't hesitate to revisit if needed. Thanks Kirsty.
    Ros Hall